Delivery / Shipment Policy

Local Delivery Policy:

  • Any order made before 3 pm will be delivered on the same day.
  • Any order made after 4 pm will be delivered the next day.

International Shipping:

  • Import duty/ tax charges might apply.
  • DHL is handling the international shipping.
  • Any shipment may take 5-8 Working days to be delivered.
  • Items may be Subjected to Customs Inspection/Need to get certain approval
  • We Don't ship to the following countries: Ukraine, Thailand, Tunisia, Poland, Portugal, Indonesia, Iran, Ghana, Greece, Egypt, Afghanistan, Algeria, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Chile, Ecuador, Guatemala, Cuba, Haiti, Bolivia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Paraguay, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico (US) , Panama, Uruguay, Turkey, Spain, Russia.
  • There is a control over the quantity been shipped to some of the countries as shown below:
Country QTY Limitation
Austria 01 kg max
Denmark 01 kg max
Italy 01 kg max
Sweden 03 kg max
Finland 03 kg max
Germany 03 kg max
Ireland 01 kg max
Latvia 01 kg max
Luthuania 01 kg max
Malta 01 kg max
Poland 01 kg max
Portugal 01 kg max
Romania 01 kg max
Slovakia 03 kg max
Slovenia 01 kg max
The Netherlands 03 kg max
Lebanon 01 kg max
Morocco 01 kg max
France 01 kg max


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